*Size 6: Dazzling Gold Lamé Sandal

Dazzling gold lamé sandal with open toe front and wide ankle strap, matching heel in 3.5" (8cm)

Size 7: Hot Orange Fish Sandal

Super stylish and comfortable orange fish-textured leather with semi-peep toe front. Gold lamé strappy sandal with tear-drop t-strap design. Gold heel in medium 3.5"(8cm)

*Size 7: Plum Suede, Ivory Trim

Scrumptious plum suede in open toe design with ivory textured detailing. Full-cage back in plum and matching purple heel in 3.5" (8cm)

Size 7: Ivory Faux-Reptile Peep

Delicate ivory faux-reptile peep toe, cut-out design. Full cage back, sateen ivory wrap-around strap. Neutral heel in 8cm or 3.5"

Size 7: Rose Gold Sandal, Louie Heel

Rose gold sandal with rare "Louie" heel design in 7cm. Extra wide strap.

Size 7: Mustard and Polka Dots

Playful, sexy mustard yellow sateen open toe front. Matching double shelf, full cage back in black sateen and mustard with polka dots. Black heel in 9cm. Simple black sateen strap.

Size 8: Green Strappy Sandal

Rich forest green ridged fabric open-toe front. Black sateen ankle strap. Matching green heel in 9cm. (3.75")

Size 8: Red Patent Leather.

Heel is 8cm. (3.5")

Size 8: Deep Plum Peep Toe

Rich plum peep-toe design. Patent leather on toe, heel in matching suede. 8.5cm. (3.5")

Size 8: Black Leather, Gold Heel

Smart and stylish textured black leather open toe front. Full cage back with beautiful gold cut-out design ankle closure and brilliant gold heel in 3.75"(9cm) heel.

Size 8 Nude and Faux Fur

Gorgeous supple nude leather open toe front. Classic CIF design open toe front, full cage back in cheetah faux-fur. Comfortable matching nude heel in 8cm or 3.5".

Size 8: Hot Summer Red and Orange

Soft supple leather in Hot summer colour. Red and Orange leather in wishbone style. Matching red heel in 8cm. (3.5")

Size 8: Gold and Black Reptile Embossed Classic.

Elegant and versatile classic CIF design. Single band open toe front in micro embossed gold reptile. Single band full cage back in standard black reptile design. Simple gold reptile strap with wrap-around ankle detailing. Stiletto heel in brushed gold heel, 3.75"

Size 8: Practice Sneaker by 2X4 al Pie

Sporty stylish Palmero style black leather practice sneaker with silver racing swoop by 2X4 al Pie. Off-side lacing, silver detailing, flexible sole, manufactured gritty rubber bottom make for great grip as well as pivotability. 2X4 size 9 (women's U.S. size 8)

Size 9: Creamy Faux Reptile Peep

Creamy faux reptile with cut-out peep toe design. Full cage matching heel with delicate sateen wrap around ankle strap.

Size 9: Sateen Giraffe

Haute Couture Giraffe in Sateen and gold. Classic CIF design with open-toe front, full cage back. Gold heels in 8cm.

Size 9: Winter Flash

Winter Fashion forward: Fuchsia, Royal blue and Black lush suede. Peep toe T-strap design with cut-out detailing. Full cage back in fuchsia. Black stiletto heel in 8cm.

Size 9: Crushed Granite

Crushed granite gold, open-toe front. Patent full cage back in brushed matching gold. Sexy asymmetrical strap. Heel in stiletto 9cm (3.75") heel.